AlgoExpert vs LeetCode

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AlgoExpert vs LeetCode

LeetCode and AlgoExpert are popular educational platforms that help you prepare for software engineering interviews.

The main difference between LeetCode and AlgoExpert is that LeetCode offers a wider range of questions to choose from while AlgoExpert focuses on providing in-depth explanations for each question. AlgoExpert is focused on helping people land jobs at FAANG companies while LeetCode is more popular among people who want to work in the tech industry in general.

In this article, we will compare and contrast AlgoExpert and Leetcode in content, features, and price.

You will learn about the pros and cons of each platform so that you can decide which one is right for you if you are preparing for a coding interview.

AlgoExpert vs LeetCode Comparison



AlgoExpert offers focused problem set to ace technical interviews.

  • 160 hand-picked questions
  • Over 100 hours of video explanations
  • Data Structure Crash Courses
  • Solutions in 9 languages
  • FAANG interview preparation
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LeetCode enhances your skills and prepares you for tech interviews.

  • Over 1400 coding problems
  • Video solutions for some problems (NEW)
  • Access to Premium Content
  • Interview Simulations
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AlgoExpert logo

AlgoExpert is the ultimate Big Tech interview prep platform. AlgoExpert gives you all the resources you need to prepare for difficult software engineering questions. These include 160 hand-picked questions, over 100 hours of video explanations, data structure crash courses, solutions in 9 languages, space-time complexity analyses, and 4 curated assessments.

Clément Mihailescu, a former Facebook and Google software engineer, co-founded AlgoExpert. So, the platform’s content is created by experienced engineers who know what types of questions are asked in interviews. Clement and Tim Ruscica (a.k.a Tech with Tim) are the main instructors on AlgoExpert.

They also offer a feature-rich coding workspace, mock coding interviews, and a recruiting profile & certificate. These resources help you land the technical interview and ultimately the job you want.

Screenshot of AlgoExpert website

AlgoExpert Programming Languages

AlgoExpert supports nine programming languages at the moment: JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Swift, Kotlin, C++, Java, C#, and Go.

All video explanations are written in Python because it is the most popular language among interviewees.

Screenshot of AlgoExpert programming languages - JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Swift, Kotlin, C++, Java, C#, and Go

AlgoExpert Features


AlgoExpert offers concise, step-by-step video explanations of how to solve coding interview questions. Each video is focused on a specific concept.

You start by understanding the high-level concept, then you walk through the initial implementation using Python. At the end, you work on optimizing and analyzing the algorithm.

If you are a visual learner, then AlgoExpert’s videos might be the best resource for you. The videos are well-produced and offer in-depth explanations of how to approach, optimize, and ultimately solve coding interview questions.

Programming Questions

AlgoExpert has 160 programming questions. They divided these problems into 15 categories, such as:

  • Arrays
  • Linked lists
  • Strings
  • Graphs
  • Binary trees

LeetCode contains over 1400 programming problems. They're classified from "easy" to "medium" to "hard."

AlgoExpert coding editor.

Certificate of completion

AlgoExpert certificate.

You will get a Certificate of Completion for AlgoExpert when you finish.

It's a nice touch compared to LeetCode because there is currently no way to get a Certificate of Completion for LeetCode problems.

Data Structures Crash Course

AlgoExpert designed a Data Structures Crash Course to get you up to speed with important data structures.

The course covers topics such as memory, complexity analysis, and big O notation. You will also learn about logarithms, linked lists and binary trees.

The Data Structures Crash Course serves as a fundamental basis for your interview prep. There are 13 video sections with around 5 hours of content in total.

Screenshot of AlgoExpert Data Structures Crash Course

Mock Coding Interviews

Mocking a coding interview is a powerful feature because nothing prepares you better than talking to another person.

AlgoExpert has two options for mocking coding interviews:

  • With a random AlgoExpert user
  • With a friend

AlgoExpert lets you schedule a meeting with another user using a "Scheduler" feature on the website. Interviews are usually an hour long, so you get 2 hours total to alternate between being an interviewer and interviewee.

The interview is conducted in a shared coding workspace that looks the same as the workspace you use for practicing except you can't see the solution.

If you are looking for a practice partner for interview prep, then AlgoExpert is worth it. LeetCode doesn't have a live interview mocking feature.

AlgoExpert Pricing

AlgoExpert costs $119 for 1-year access.

Screenshot of AlgoExpert pricing page


LeetCode logo

LeetCode is a website that offers a vast collection of programming challenges to solve, with a large community of programmers who can help you if you get stuck.

Winston Tang founded LeetCode in 2015.

Screenshot of LeetCode website

LeetCode Programming Languages

LeetCode supports C++, Java, Python, Python3, C, C#, JavaScript, Ruby, Bash, Swift, Go, Scala, Kotlin, Rust, PHP, TypeScript, Racket, Erlang, Elixir, and Dart.

LeetCode Features

The website contains over 1400 coding problems, divided into difficulty levels from "easy" to "hard."

LeetCode also has paid subscription plan that gives you access to exclusive content, including editorial articles from expert programmers, and interview questions from top companies.

With the premium subscription, you also get:

  • Code Autocomplete - Intelligent code completion inside the LeetCode code editor based on language and an analysis of your source code.
  • Unlimited Playgrounds - You also get the ability to organize your Playgrounds in folders.
  • Priority Judging - An exclusive queue that gives you priority judging, resulting in a 3X shorter wait time.
  • Mock Interviews - Test your abilities in a timed setting, just like a coding challenge or on-site interview.
  • Video Solutions - An expert gives you a detailed explanation of the interview question.
A review of the Video Solutions feature of LeetCode

Programming Questions

LeetCode is a site where students and professionals can come to learn how to code. They have different sections, like Featured - Coding Challenges, where you can find coding challenges and questions for interviews. There's also a section called Interview, which has tasks for people who are interviewing for jobs.

LeetCode challenges are available for free every day. This includes the 30-Day LeetCode Challenge, the May LeetCode Challenge, and the June LeetCode Challenge. Some challenges may be out of date.

LeetCode Programming Questions Coding Editor

Interview Questions

LeetCode's Premium question bank is much better than those of AlgoExpert. The big advantage ofLeetCode Premium is that it offers company-specific questions. The company-specific question bank will save you a lot of time if you already know which companies you're targeting.

LeetCode company tags

If you don't need the guidance that AlgoExpert offers, then LeetCode may be a better option for you.

Community Discussions

The LeetCode community is a great place to find help with coding problems.

In addition to being helpful, the community is also a valuable resource for salary negotiation, interview preparation, and career development.

LeetCode has a lot more users than AlgoExpert, so the community aspect of LeetCode is much stronger.

LeetCode discussion board message example

Leaderboard and Weekly Contests

LeetCode's Leaderboard lets you compare and rank your skills against other LeetCode users. The competitiveness of the leaderboard will depend on the size of the LeetCode community in your area.

LeetCode Weekly Contests

You can win LeetCoin (on-platform currency) by participating in weekly contests. You can use LeetCoin to buy a Premium membership or branded merchandise.

LeetCode Store

LeetCode Data Structures and Algorithms Crash Course

LeetCode also has a Data Structures and Algorithms Crash Course that competes with AlgoExpert's Data Structures Crash Course. However, LeetCode's Crash Course is not included in the yearly premium membership. It'll cost you an additional $34.99 to take it.

Quality-wise, LeetCode covers more topics. LeetCode uses a combination of text and video content to help you learn, while AlgoExpert mainly focuses on video content.

LeetCode Data Structures and Algorithms Crash Course Landing Page

LeetCode Pricing

LeetCode costs $159 per year or $35 per month.

Screenshot of LeetCode pricing page.

AlgoExpert vs LeetCode: Conclusion

If you want to focus on algorithm development and learn from focused explanation videos, AlgoExpert is better than LeetCode. If you're looking for a large selection of programming challenges to practice with, LeetCode is the way to go.

AlgoExpert and LeetCode are both useful tools for acing interview questions. AlgoExpert has smaller problem sets with focused explanation videos, while LeetCode is famous for its large programming assignments. Both platforms offer a complete coding environment built-in. Additionally, LeetCode offers premium challenges that can help you prepare for interviews with specific Big Tech companies.


AlgoExpert is tailored for Big Tech interviews. Compared to LeetCode, AlgoExpert gives you more guidance, which is great if this is your first time dealing with algorithms.

I like how it provides a clear path to success: You'll probably want to start with the Data Structure Crash Course, which consists of thirteen videos. Then, you'll move to AlgoExpert's bank of 160 hand-picked questions. When ready, AlgoExpert lets you schedule a mock interview with a random AlgoExpert user or one of your friends.

Keep in mind that all video explanations use Python.


LeetCode is famous for its large programming assignments, whereas AlgoExpert is known for its smaller problem sets with focused explanation videos. Both platforms offer a complete coding environment built-in. LeetCode is a code school where you can learn about data structures and algorithms. They also have great practice problems for interviews.

Unlike LeetCode, AlgoExpert doesn't have a community section on the site.

AlgoExpert vs LeetCode FAQ

The following are some frequently asked questions about AlgoExpert and LeetCode:

Is LeetCode Good?

LeetCode is a popular place for engineers and students to practice coding. They have over 1000 problem questions students can attempt, solve, and discuss on their discussion boards. LeetCode is also one of the most popular tech communities.

A lot of people use LeetCode to prepare for job interviews. LeetCode categorizes problems by tech companies. For example, they have specific questions for interviews at Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other tech companies.

Is LeetCode Premium worth it?

LeetCode's premium subscription is worth the expense if you are preparing for a Big Tech interview or if you enjoy the competitive aspect of solving algorithm problems. The membership gives you access to video solutions, powerful debugging, code autocompletion, unlimited playgrounds, priority judging, mock interviews, and more.

Is AlgoExpert worth it?

AlgoExpert is worth it if you need a lot of guidance in preparation for difficult coding interviews. For $119/year, AlgoExpert gives you access to 160 hand-picked interview questions with video explanations. Moreover, AlgoExpert has a Mock Interview section where you can easily schedule practice interviews with other community members.

Who is behind AlgoExpert?

Clement Mihailescu and Antoine Pourchet co-founded AlgoExpert. After earning a bachelor's degree from the University of Pennsylvania and then a coding bootcamp, Clement applied to Google. He did well in the interviews, but he was not happy with how he prepared. At the time, there wasn't a good resource for algorithm practice, so he create one.

Antoine Pourchet is a software engineer at Uber. He has a master's degree from Cornell University's College of Engineering. Antoine is currently the CTO of AlgoExpert.

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