Best Brand Protection Software in 2023

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Best Brand Protection Software in 2023

This is a list of the best brand protection software available in 2023.

Brand protection software helps protect your organization against people who try to take over accounts, create fake accounts, or use your company's name and branding to scam customers.

Security and marketing teams can use this software to protect your company's digital assets and data.

To protect your brand's reputation, consider using one of these brand protection software solutions.

Brand protection software factors

The key factors to consider when looking for brand protection software are:

  • Speed - If a website uses the company's trademarks and logos to commit fraud, it is important to take down the website as soon as possible. Every day the website is active means that more people are being harmed. This can damage the company's reputation and make people less likely to buy from or use the company in the future. The faster the takedown, the less damage done.
  • Accuracy - To take down a website quickly, the software needs to be very accurate. If it takes down websites that are not infringing on the company's intellectual property, this can lead to legal trouble for the company.
  • Ease of use - The software should be easy to use so that anyone in the company can use it, regardless of their technical expertise.
  • Pricing - The software should be affordable so that the company can continue to use it in the long term.


Screenshot of  ZeroFox brand protection software.

ZeroFox is a digital risk protection platform that protects your business by constantly monitoring all publicly available platforms for hidden threats and malicious cyber activity.

Unlike other online brand protection software reviewed, ZeroFox includes dark web monitoring. This means that they will actively look for information and activities on the dark web that could damage your brand. This is an important inclusion, as the dark web is often used to hide illegal activity.

Holistic brand protection

ZeroFox offers holistic brand protection. This includes your online presence, trademarks, logos, and other owned assets.

The ZeroFox platform checks and monitors domain registries, social media accounts, mobile apps, and emails for company and product names/images.

It also scans the web for fraudulent complaints, advertising, and credential harvesting plots.

Screenshot of  ZeroFox main values for brand protection.

Brand protection dashboard

The ZeroFox Dashboard summarizes your organization's digital risks. It shows the number of analyzed posts, profiles, URLs, and images.

The dashboard also has a section on the most critical alerts and most threatened entities. It also has a summary of takedown metrics and recent advisories from the security team.

Screenshot of  ZeroFox dashboard.

Who uses ZeroFox?

ZeroFox's clients include Costco, NASA, United Airlines, Snap Inc., 3M, Nike, and many more.

ZeroFox review

According to our rating factors, we rate ZeroFox:

  • Speed - 4/5 - Threats are detected in real-time but can vary depending on the size of your company and amount of data to be analyzed.
  • Accuracy - 5/5 - High accuracy.
  • Ease of use - 4/5 - The platform is easy to use but can be difficult to configure without help from a technician.
  • Pricing - 4/5 - The platform is subscription-based, with pricing starting at $500 per month for limited features. Advanced protection costs thousands of dollars per month. You get what you pay for.

ZeroFox is the top brand protection software based on our research. It offers real-time threat detection, high accuracy, and a wide range of features. The company has a large amount of critical data which gives them the best accuracy in the market.

Red Points

Screenshot of Red Points website.

Red Points is a SaaS company that automates the protection of brands against counterfeits, piracy, distribution fraud, and other infringements online.

Red Points' platform uses artificial intelligence to detect and remove intellectual property violations online 24/7.

With their technology, you can protect your intellectual property rights by using automation rules or just one click on a validation card. This will help remove any issues from global online marketplaces, social media networks, websites, and other online channels.

Red Point's IP monitoring and enforcement platform is a key part of their solution for stopping brand abuse. The platform reports over 200,000 IP infringements every month.

How does the Red Points Brand Protection work?

Red Point's brand protection software works in 4 phases:

  • Detect Automatically look for text and images that have been copied without permission to find infringements.
  • Validate Use image recognition and logic rules to discard or confirm counterfeits.
  • Cluster Use hundreds of data points to find the people who have copied your work multiple times.
  • Remove If someone infringes on your copyright, you can use a brand protection tool to have the infringing material taken down automatically.
Screenshot of Red Points dashboard.


Screenshot of Bolster website.

Bolster's brand protection solution can detect and take down sites that are using your brand without permission. This includes fake domains, unauthorized apps, and search engine results. By using natural language processing, logo detection, and computer vision, plus deep learning, Bolster can quickly find and remove online threats to your brand.

Bolster platform that automates many tasks. This can save your organization time and money. The best part of Bolster is the advanced detection and continuous monitoring. This helps keep your organization safe from fraud and other dangers. If you are looking for fraud protection or monitoring solution, Bolster is worth considering.

Screenshot of Bolster dashboard.

Bolster features

  • AI-Driven Real-Time Detection The detection engine can render a verdict of infringement within 100 milliseconds, with a false positive rate of 1 in 100,000.
  • Fully-Automated Zero-Touch Takedown Bolster can take down 95% of phishing and scam websites within two minutes.
  • Continuous Monitoring The detection engine tracks websites that have been taken down. If a fraudulent website comes back online, the platform will immediately issue a request to take it offline.
  • Rich Threat Intelligence/Dashboard - You can use this full dashboard to track how well your company is doing at fighting infringement. It includes over 20 data points, such as how often your logo is used, which can be reviewed by brand protection staff.
Screenshot of Bolster AI report.

Who uses

Bolster's clients include Zoom,, Dropbox, Uber, Fitbit, LinkedIn, and many more.

Bolster review

According to our rating factors, Bolster is rate:

  • Speed - 5/5 - Detects brand abuse within milliseconds
  • Accuracy - 5/5 - With a false positive rate of 1 in 100,000
  • Ease of use 4/5 - Automates many tasks to save your organization time and money. Various products and solutions can confuse you if you are not an expert.
  • Pricing - 4/5 - The platform is subscription-based, with pricing starting at $499 per month.


Screenshot of TrackStreet.

TrackStreet is an online brand monitoring and protection tool that helps you track your brand reputation, trademarks, and products online.

eCommerce protection

TrackStreet was designed for eCommerce. It tracks over 100,000 websites and marketplaces to see where your products are being sold, for how much, and by who. TrackStreet also shows you how this changes.

TrackStreet's brand protection tools offer:

  • Amazon seller removal
  • eBay VeRO seller delisting
  • DMCA takedowns
  • Trademark consulting

Online reputation management

TrackStreet's online reputation management features help you take control of what people are saying about your online brand. The brand integrity score shows you how well your brand is doing. You can also see what people are saying about your brand on social media and review sites.

Screenshot of TrackStreet dashboard.

TrackStreet review

According to our rating factors, we rate TrackStreet:

  • Speed - 5/5 - Threats are detected in real-time.
  • Accuracy - 5/5 - High accuracy.
  • Ease of use - 4/5 - The platform is easy to use but can be difficult to configure without help from a technician.
  • Pricing - 4/5 - The platform is subscription-based, with pricing starting at $499 per month.

Recorded Future

Screenshot of Recorded Future.

The Recorded Future Intelligence Platform is brand protection software that analyzes the web to detect risks to your brand.

Recorded Future provides a wide range of brand intelligence and takedown services. The company collects data from many sources:

  • domain registration information,
  • messaging platforms,
  • social media platforms, and
  • websites with malicious content

IDC report shows that Recorded Feature software contributes to:

  • 63% faster resolution of threats
  • 10x faster identification of threats
  • 22% more security threats discovered
  • 284% three-year ROI

Managed brand monitoring

Recorded Future offers managed brand protection monitoring for companies that don't have the resources to do it themselves.

Dynamic Alerts for Domain Abuse

One of the key features of their Brand Intelligence Module is Dynamic Alerts.

Dynamic alerts automatically add valuable information to alerts, like DNS records, Whois data, and certificate data. Then they make a recommendation based on what they find. The best part is that they update constantly. So if a parked domain resolves to an active mail server, you get a notification.

Recorded Future review

According to our rating factors, we rate Recorded Future:

  • Speed - 4/5 - Real-time thread detection.
  • Accuracy - 5/5 - High accuracy.
  • Ease of use - 3/5 - The platform can be difficult to use and configure without help from a technician.
  • Pricing - 4/5 - The platform is subscription-based, with pricing starting at $499 per month. Advanced features can cost thousands of dollars per month.


Best paid search monitoring tool

Screenshot of Brandverity.

Brandverity is innovative software that helps you get more clicks for your money by identifying and taking down harmful ads from appearing on your most popular branded keywords. This protects your affiliate channel from being abused by unauthorized ads.

Affiliate protection

Brandverity also offers affiliate protection services. They help you keep your affiliates in good standing by monitoring their activity and making sure they aren't breaking any of your rules. For example, if you have an affiliate program where you only allow one link per page, Brandverity will make sure that rule is being followed.

Online brand protection

Brandverity's online brand protection services help you monitor what people are saying about your brand on social media and review sites. You can also see how your brand ranks on search engines.

Brandverity review

According to our rating factors, we rate Brandverity:

  • Speed - 4/5 - Detects threats by scanning SERP on configurable intervals.
  • Accuracy - 4/5 - High accuracy.
  • Ease of use - 4/5 - The platform can be difficult to navigate and to setup monitoring.
  • Pricing - 5/5 - Starting at $799/Month.
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